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Momentum Materials & Machines, Inc.

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  • Our main corporate culture is that of teamwork, where we support, help and lift up each other, because our people are our greatest asset. The success of one staff is the success of the group.


  • Our staff have been in the electronics manufacturing industry for more than ten years (with experience of A/I, SMT, Assembly, Engineering, QA, Test, Project Management and Company Set-up) with experiences locally and abroad. WE HAVE EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND GOOD BUSINESS SENSE. We respect even our competitors.


  • Representing SMT Nozzles and some spare parts; Biral lubricants; complete SMT line— loader, screen-printer, mounter, conveyors, reflow oven, solder wave, unloader; some ESD materials–shoes, mat, chair, gloves, wrist strap; ultrasonic cleaner, production tools; soldering iron & materials; BGA rework stations; used SMT machines and feeders; dispensing machines and needles; forming machines; UV bulbs; pneumatic parts; relays; counting machines; weighing scales; IPA; finger cots; solder paste mixer; *spare parts


  • We have good support from our principal and business associates from Australia, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Taiwan, *Thailand. The quality of our products and its efficiency is our main selling points. We invest in training and learning the products at principal’s location and visit suppliers in Asia, Europe and the US.
  • Our service is beyond compare. Customers are our top priority. We stay with our customers even after a sale, while others are either gone or charged exorbitant fees. We work with our customers beyond office hours, holidays and weekend to deliver excellent quality service & support. We help on their process set-up, line problems and product concerns.