PCB Flipper

This unit is used to invert PCBs (180°) for “double-sided” process.

PCB Conveyor PCB Invertor PCB Turnover Machine PCB Flipper for SMT Line

PCB Width: 50*50-400*350 Or 50*50-530*460 Power Supply: AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Control Mode: PLC + Touch Panel Screen Air Supply: 4-6kg/cm²
New Weight: 150 Kg / 170 Kg Machine Dimension: 500 * 850 * 1250 Mm Or 600*960*1250mm
Circle Time: Approx 10s PCB Thickness: 0.4-4.0 Mm


his unit is used to invert PCBs (180°) for “double-sided” process.


  1. User friendly membrance control panel
  2. Enclosed design to ensure operation safety
  3. Top cover can be open for easy access to hardware during maintenance
  4. Parallel and smooth width adjustment
  5. Steady and precise lifting
  6. Minimize transmission clearance between conveyors
  7. Different sizes available upon request
  8. SMEMA compatible


Size Model Machine Dimension (mm) PCB Dimension




L TM-330 500*850*1250 50*50-400*350 150
XL TM-460 600*960*1250 50*50-530*460 170