PCB Magazine Unloader

This unit is used for unloading PCBs

PCB Loader Unloader Magazine Automatic Unloader for M Size Magazine UL-3-250

This unit is used for unloading PCBs


Sturdy and stable design
User friendly touch panel screen + PLC control
Pneumatic clamps provided for magazine alignment
Pneumatic pusher’s pressure regulated
High throughput with short magazine change-over time
Multiple sounds and light alarming functions
Optional SMEMA port for communication between machines
All the critical parts are industrial control parts imported from world-famous brands, which ensures the quality and stability


Size Model Machine Dimension (mm) PCB Dimension (mm) Magazine Size (mm) Weight (kg)
M UL-3-250 2130*720*1250 50*50-350*250 355*320*563 190
L UL-3-330 2230*810*1250 50*50-450*330 460*400*563 230
LL UL-3-390 2600*860*1250 50*50-520*390 535*460*565 270
XL UL-3-460 2600*930*1250 50*50-520*460 535*530*565 300