TOLO Wave Soldering Machine

Lead-Free Soldering System

Lead-Free Soldering System

  • ¬†Totally lead-free design
  • Japan-made PLC control.
  • Synchronous insert-plate structure;Japan-made
  • conveyor power equipped (Panasonic motor);
  • External arc-shaped streamline design with
  • double glass doors;Convenient to be cleaned and maintained.
  • Rail width manual adjusted;Additional curtain for preventing pollution free spraying.
  • Spraying system with, Japan-made high efficient spraying parts;Japan-made spray nozzle;and bar-free cylinder.
  • Preheated by high efficient far infrared ceramics pipe; Enough heating power and high stability.
  • Cesium lamp compensation after preheating,which insures the minimal temperature fall before PCB is put into the tin furnace.
  • Low oxidation;Anti-erosion alloyed tin furnace;Latest design of spraying nozzle;Adjustable flowing rate and thickness.
  • High temperature tin furnace motor imported from Italy;Stepless variable speed;independent controlling.
  • External casting heating board of the tin furnace with high efficiency;
  • Acoustic and optical warning and emergency brake system;
  • Automatic turning on at the time and date programmed by the operator.


Custom Factory

Full-auto SMT production line