Our Service Aim:

* An expert staff is available when needed to assist.
* The immediate availability of virtually any technical discussion and skill set.
* Realistic project consultant and availability of local support.
* Any e-mail & inquiry will be reply within 24 hours.
* Vendor partnerships that minimize schedules and risk, facilitating faster investment returns.
* After sales support for our sold equipment.
* Local availability of spare parts.
* Buying and Selling used SMT Machines.
* Project development from front line to back line.
* OEM Project for equipment and tools.
* Extensive experience team will support your souring need.
Our comprehensive approach is designed to provide maximum value to our customers. We work with you in developing precise project requirements, which evolve into the “best-fit” solution, budget and transition plan.

Contact us today All your inquiry will got reply within 12 hours!